Miura Kentaro X Mori Kouji X Hoshi Takashi Discussion on Umino Chika – Translation Part 1

Here's a discussion translated from the Sangatsu no Lion official fanbook, featuring Miura Kentaro, Mori Kouji and Hoshi Takashi. It's very fun, centering on Umino Chika and should be interesting to those who are a fan of Umino Chika's works!


Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo on the anime adaptation of ‘March comes in like a Lion’ – Full Translation

Here is the full Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo interview. Please note that Umino and Shinbo will be talking about the manga in question and also other shaft shows like the monogatari series. There may therefore be possible spoilers for any works mentioned. Also please be aware of any possible inaccuracies, and if you would like any clarification please just let me know! The interviews were also released as smaller parts (which can be found on the blog), of which some contain notes to clarify some points on the translation.

Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo Interview Part 8

- Please let me ask you about the characters. Shinbo-kantoku, in that you're adapting the work into an anime, are there any characters that you're particularly looking forward to adapting? Shinbo - Of course Rei-kun, as he's the main character. I also look forward to the other shogi players Rei-kun will have to face, as… Continue reading Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo Interview Part 8

Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo Interview Part 7

**Possible Spoilers for Bakemonogatari** - Listening to what you say, it sounds like you don't particularly mind changes made from the manga to the anime. Umino - I don't mind at all. After all, I do think that some parts are better changed than not. I think it's worth taking advantage of the fact that… Continue reading Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo Interview Part 7

Chika Umino and Akiyuki Shinbo Interview Part 6

Ended up doing some more translation today, so here's the next part. I have given up following the original numbering of the interview, as each section is just too short. We are finally past the halfway point of the interview, so there's still quite a lot left to translate. The image used for this post is the end card drawn by Umino for Otorimonogatari. It was mentioned in the interview so I've just put it in in case anyone was interested.